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Vol:4 Issue:12 Number:3 ISSN#:2563-559X
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Omicron Updated: Key Questions Answered

Authored By: Meng Zhu, Mohit Bhandari On Behalf of OrthoEvidence

December 22, 2021

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Current limited evidence suggests that the Omicron VOC might possess an increased transmissibility over the currently dominant Delta VOC, which has been known to be more transmissible than previously dominant SARS strains such as the Alpha VOC. A previous study found that the Delta VOC was 58% to 120% more transmissible than the Alpha VOC. To estimate the odds of household transmission for Omicron cases, compared to that for Delta cases, The United Kingdom (UK) Health Security Agency carried out a cohort analysis, involving over 110,000 cases (UK Health Security Agency, 2021). Household transmission was defined as “an index (first) case followed by one or more laboratory confirmed SARSCoV-2 cases at the same private dwelling within a 14-day period (minimum 7 days follow-up)” (UK Health Security Agency, 2021). Results showed that household transmission from an Omicron index case was...
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Casey Bartman 2021-12-22 11:11 PM

Orthopaedic Surgeon - United States

So, a year ago I had SARS-CoV2. I was not aware of it, but was tested prior to elective surgery. This December, I was exposed to a two-year-old Granddaughter, with a cold, who tested negative for SARS-CoV2, even after I returned home. My four month old Granddaughter, who had no symptoms, tested positive (Mom is a hospice nurse and that is the reason for all the testing. My wife, a radiologist, had the Pfizer vaccine, and tested positive to SARS-CoV2 with our latest exposure. She developed a cold. I tested negative, even with my wife's infection, but I too got a cold. I assume this was from my two-year-old Granddaughter, as she was your classic snotty kid. The vaccines have marginal effectiveness against the latest variant. There are rare but significant complications, like DIC and death from the vaccine, and the mortality of the latest variant appears lower that the original variants (the original mortality rates were about 1.8 precent over al)l. Soon, we will get the the intersection where the mortality from the vaccine with be greater than the mortality from the naturally attenuated version of the Virus. I would like to add, that the SARS-CoV2 virus was detected in 44% of the White Tail deer in Michigan. You can not eradicate a virus that has significant multiple host in the environment. This was possible with Small Pox, as humans are the only known host.