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About OrthoEvidence

OrthoEvidence™ is the global online source for high quality and timely orthopaedic-only evidence-based summaries, pre-appraised by orthopaedic medical experts. OrthoEvidence is the first of its kind, an orthopaedic-focused evidence-based summary provider; built for the orthopaedic community by orthopaedic experts. OrthoEvidence was created with the inspiration to provide critical information access to orthopaedic healthcare providers and their patients everywhere.

OrthoEvidence utilizes a rigorous, transparent and unique multi-step process to review, evaluate and summarize research studies, while including critical implications. This information is delivered in its easy-to-use Advanced Clinical Evidence (ACE™) Report, enabling orthopaedic professionals to not only digest ten times more research than through a medical journal, but ensuring every piece they read is worth spending their time on.

OrthoEvidence's repository includes thousands of ACE reports from more than 360 journals representing all sub-specialties, and new reports are added daily. Current research is typically summarized and posted within one month of being published, twice as fast as other evidence summary providers. Our reports are available to our growing membership of more than 48,000 practitioners, including surgeons, residents, nurses, physiotherapists and other allied healthcare professionals. Some of our partners include The Canadian Orthopaedic Association, The International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine, and The Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

OrthoEvidence was founded in 2009 by a global leader in the orthopaedic field, Dr. Mohit Bhandari. Dr. Bhandari is a recipient of the field's highest awards including the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Medal, the OREF/Kappa Delta Award and the Top Achievements of Health Care Research Award from Canadian Institutes of Health Research in association with the Canadian Medical Association Journal.