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Search and Screen

A comprehensive search strategy is utilized each month to identify the highest-quality randomized trials and meta-analyses. Screening is performed using strict criteria for relevance, quality, and study design. Our search has resulted in reports on OrthoEvidence from more than 360 different research journals and counting.


Summary Report

The Advanced Clinical Evidence (ACE) Report contains the pertinent information from the original journal article, summarized in an easy-to-read format. A single report touches at least four different individuals during the process. Critical assessments of the study include Risk of Bias, Quality of Reporting, and Strength of Findings.


Author Verification

Authors verify the accuracy of the content within the ACE report, and often provide information not present in the original publication, rendering the ACE report valuable beyond the original publication.


Exclusive Interviews

Authors of impactful publications are invited to take part in a short 2- to 5-minute online interview, exploring the rationale, key findings, and future research implications of their study to complement the ACE report.


Final ACE Report

The ACE Report is categorized and made available to the online community with embedded links to the original journal publisher's website.