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Volume:5 Issue:10 Number:17 ISSN#:2564-2537
ACE Report #7461
Ace Report Cover General Orthopaedics

Botulinum toxin A does not improve pain or ROM during tibal distraction osteogenesis

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OrthoEvidence. Botulinum toxin A does not improve pain or ROM during tibal distraction osteogenesis. ACE Report. 2016;5(10):17. Available from: https://myorthoevidence.com/AceReport/Report/7461

Study Type:Therapy
OE Level Evidence:2
Journal Level of Evidence:2

Botulinum Toxin A Does Not Decrease Calf Pain or Improve ROM during Limb Lengthening

Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2014 Dec;472(12):3835-41.

Contributing Authors: DH Lee KJ Ryu DE Shin HW Kim

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36 patients undergoing bilateral tibial lengthening were included in this study to determine what effects botulinum toxin A (BtX-A) injections have on calf pain, swelling, and knee & ankle range of motion following limb lengthening. Patients had one leg randomized to a control group, which was injected with saline solution, and the other leg randomized to an intervention group, which was injected ...

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