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Volume:9 Issue:7 Number:14 ISSN#:2563-5476
ACE Report #12269
Ace Report Cover Physical Therapy & Rehab

Power Training vs Strength Training in Conjunction with HIIT on Muscle Outcomes in Elderly Patients

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OrthoEvidence. Power Training vs Strength Training in Conjunction with HIIT on Muscle Outcomes in Elderly Patients. ACE Report. 2020;9(7):14. Available from: https://myorthoevidene.com/AceReport/Report/12269

Study Type:Therapy
OE Level Evidence:1
Journal Level of Evidence:1

Adaptations in mechanical muscle function, muscle morphology, and aerobic power to high-intensity endurance training combined with either traditional or power strength training in older adults: a randomized clinical trial

Eur J Appl Physiol. 2020 May;120(5):1165-1177.

Contributing Authors: DC Müller M Izquierdo FP Boeno P Aagaard JL Teodoro R Grazioli R Radaelli H Bayer R Neske RS Pinto EL Cadore

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Forty elderly men were included in this study comparing power training plus high intensity interval training vs traditional strength training combined with high intensity interval training for the improvement of muscle function, morphology, and cardiovascular fitness. Primary outcomes of interest included 1 rep max in the knee extension and leg press exercises, rate of force development, and absol...

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