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Synopsis: 246 patients suffering from low back pain, who have been sick listed for 8-12 weeks, were randomized to receive a brief intervention program alone or a brief intervention in combination with physical exercise. The objective of this trial was to identify predictors for not returning to work (i.e. secondary analysis). At 3, 12 Read More »
Author verified Level 2 RCT
Synopsis: Thirty-one patients undergoing matrix-associated autologous chondrocyte implantation (MACI) of the femoral condyle were randomized postoperatively to either accelerated or delayed weightbearing in their rehabilitation. The primary results were radiological and clinical outcome measures, using MRI and the International Knee Documentation Committee score (IKDC), the Tegner activity score, and the Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS). The accelerated weightbearing Read More »
Level 2 RCT
Synopsis: 74 patients who underwent arthroscopic ACL reconstruction were randomized to receive either a neuromuscular exercise (NE) program or a standard strength exercise (SE) program. This study compared subjective and objective outcomes at 6 month, 1 and 2 year follow-ups. Significantly improved knee Read More »
Author verified Level 2 RCT
Synopsis: 229 patients who suffered from greater trochanter pain syndrome were randomized to one of three groups. The first group receiving corticosteroid injection at the site of pain, a second group receiving shock wave therapy, and finally a third group prescribed exercise therapy. The study aimed Read More »
Level 2 RCT
Synopsis: 30 patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain, persisting for 3 months, were recruited to this RCT. Within subject randomization was conducted to allocate one leg of each participant to a stretching exercise group and the other leg to a control group which did not undergo stretching exercise. The results from Read More »
Level 1 RCT